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Best Tattoo Tips For Beginners

Getting a tattoo is a big commitment. It can be easy to rush in as soon as you turn 18 and get a tattoo that isn’t actually what you want. If you are a beginner, there are several steps you should take to avoid any errors with your first tattoo and have a design you love.

Second 2 None Tattoo Studio have fantastic experience as tattoo artist. We help every client create a unique design tailored to you and give you any advice to assist you before choosing your tattoo.

Research Tattoo Shops

First of all, it is important to know which tattoo shop to trust with such an important task. The difference in quality and price can be astounding and will vary depending on the size and detail of the tattoo you would like. However, you must remember, a tattoo is for life. If you are just looking for the cheap option, you could end up regretting it in the future.

As a beginner, you will find that saving up the extra money to have quality ink used by the very best tattoo artist is much better value for money. You never want to end up regretting the tattoos you get at a young age. Before having a tattoo, make sure you research the shop, look for reviews and find past work they have completed. If you like what you see, this should be a good option for your first tattoo!

Multiple Design Ideas

Some people will have their heart set on a specific tattoo, which is absolutely fine as long as you know what you want. This may be something quite personal to you or it could just be a design you really like. Having a few design ideas when getting your first tattoo can be very beneficial to create a real work of art on your body.

There are so many options available when it comes to a tattoo and ultimately, you want one that looks great and matches your personality, even if it is not something particularly personal. Your tattoo artist can often be the best people to ask if you are unsure on the design you want but have a rough idea of what you might like. Leaving your options open will allow you to add to the tattoo in the future, whilst also making small tweaks which could improve the initial design.

If you create a larger design, it is worth doing this in different stages. This means taking a smaller part of your design and having that done. Each time you get a new tattoo, it can work towards a bigger picture and allows you to change the design as you go along, based on what looks best. Having a larger tattoo added straight away may not look as great as you thought it would. By doing this in instalments, you make sure the bigger picture exceeds all expectations.

Tattoo Placement

Tattoo placement is a big deal. The right design in the wrong place can end up looking terrible and it is important to consider exactly where you want your tattoo. You should also bear in mind where you might want future tattoos added, especially if you are gradually building up the tattoos on your body.

In addition to this, although the majority of workplaces tolerate tattoos, some negative attitudes do remain. This could mean having a tattoo that can be easily covered up is more ideal for you. You don’t want this to be a deal-breaker but it should be a consideration for stricter workplaces. When having multiple tattoos in mind, think about which designs would look best where so you can create the best possible imagery with each tattoo.

Return To Tattoo Shops

Something beginners may not always realise is the aftercare that is needed for your tattoo. Specialist cream and gel can be used on the tattoo and it is important not to scratch it. Returning to the tattoo shop means your tattooist can give you any advice regarding how to look after the tattoo, as well as adding any touch-ups.

Touch-ups are important for every tattoo, especially if some parts have slightly faded. Touch-ups are used to add more detail and quality to the tattoo, making the design fuller and maintaining the best possible appearance.

You never want to pay for a tattoo just to have it fade away and look like a poor design. By returning to the tattoo shop, you make sure you get your money’s worth.

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