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Getting A Tattoo

If you have never had a tattoo before then the process of getting one is probably unknown to you. There are some very simple steps to follow for anyone getting a tattoo to ensure the experience is enjoyable.

No one wants to be stressed when they are getting a tattoo. It is supposed to be an exciting time where you get to express a side of yourself through having artwork on your skin for yourself for others to see.

At Second 2 None Tattoos we understand the importance of an enjoyable tattooing process. Getting the right design, the best tattooist, and then looking after the tattoo so it looks as good as it can are all essential and easily done if you do your research.

Choose A Design

Get inspired! Whatever you decide to get inked into your skin is going to stay with you for the rest of your life. When getting a tattoo, many people choose a design that holds some significance to them. That can include emotional importance or simple artistic preference. So long as you love the design it is the right decision.

Many tattoo studios have portfolios of their previous work so why not take a look through some prospective artist’ Instagram accounts or website galleries? If nothing looks quote right but you like a certain style, you can book a consultation and have a unique design for yourself.

Find The Right Artist

Finding the right artist for the design you want is all about research and patience. You do not want to rush the decision as it is something you will live with for a very long time.

Most artist will offer free consultations so book an appointment and have a chat with them. They want what you want and that’s for you to have the artwork that you’re excited about on your skin.

If an artist doesn’t think they are the right people for the job they will tell you and often point you in the direction of someone else. They are experts in the industry so having an informal conversation is a great way of finding out more about getting a tattoo and who might be the best person to do yours.

Getting Tattooed

When you are certain that you love your design and have found a brilliant tattooist to do the work, the next step is to get it done!

This can be nerve-racking the first time you go in but everyone in a tattoo studio has been where you are so will be understanding. Just remember that they have almost certainly had to deal with clients who are more worried than you and more.

It should go without saying but of course, you should ensure that all equipment and surfaces are sterilised and safe before the tattooing process begins. Often surfaces are wrapped in clingfilm and the needles come from pre-sterilised packages.


After getting a tattoo you must protect it properly. It is something often looked over, but it should not be. Listen to the advice your tattooist will give you regarding the aftercare of your tattoo and follow it.

Often aftercare includes:

  • Keeping the tattoo wrapped in clingfilm
  • Using a cream to rub into the skin
  • Keeping it out of the sun

Also, remember not to pick or scratch the tattoo while it is healing. This could lead to damaging the tattoo before it is healed.

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