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How To Care For A Tattoo You Can’t Reach

One of the most popular areas for a tattoo, the back offers up a lot of space for the tattoo to develop and they tend to make a wonderful yet bold statement. Aftercare is the most important aspect of your journey, so how do you care for a tattoo you can’t reach?

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Family And Friends

Asking a family member or friend to help reach the areas you can’t is one of the simplest options. It is important to ensure beforehand that they have washed their hands as a fresh tattoo is an open wound. They can assist you in removing the wrap, cleaning and moisturising your tattoo alongside ensuring it is healing well.

Loose Clothing

It is highly recommended that clothing worn after a fresh back tattoo is both loose and breathable. This will prevent irritation and sweating which can cause numerous risks to your tattoo such as infections. Try to avoid wearing anything that won’t give the tattoo room to breathe, especially days after, as this will cause discomfort and can risk damaging your tattoo.

Avoid Body Care Tools

Using body care tools such as body brushes or loofahs should be avoided at all costs. Yes, they may aid in helping to reach your tattoo but you can do way more damage than good due to their abrasive nature. This could cause potential scratches or ripping of your tattoo and will most definitely slow down the healing process alongside potentially leaving permanent damage.

Stick With It

It can be frustrating trying to care for a new tattoo that you’re unable to reach fully but aftercare is crucial in aiding the healing process and preventing any fading. It’s important not to give up and stick with it.

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