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Tattoo Trends of 2020

Every year, a new tattoo trend appears. Just like fashion and make-up, trends disappear and come back in after some time off. There are no rules against tattoos being personal and keeping up with the latest trends.

In this month’s blog, we’re showing you what’s in right now and what you can do to add a personal touch to your designs.

Minimalist Portraits

A great trend that has become incredibly popular in the past year are minimalist portraits. This is where a tattoo artist takes your treasured photograph and creates what is basically an outline of the photo using a sharp black, adding a minimal amount of colour for a simple yet effective design.

These tattoos have become increasingly popular for those who have lost friends and family members and it allows you to keep a piece of a person’s memory close to your heart in a modern and unique way.

A Splash of Watercolour

The watercolour tattoo trend has peaked in the past few years and seems unlikely that it will fade out anytime soon. They create a more elegant look to your tattoo than if it were one solid colour and they are very bright. The watercolour effect is created by subtle gradients to create a gradual fade out.

Watercolour style is more delicate than the usual tattoo but with the same tools a normal tattoo would be. They can add colour to a simple black and white tattoo without disrupting the beauty of the original design. A watercolour tattoo can have any design, but popular ones feature things such as dreamcatchers, a voyager compass or wildlife. They are also most commonly placed on your thigh or torso as they make for a bigger canvas.

Your Pet’s Paw Print

A very recent emerging tattoo trend is getting your pet’s paw print. Those with a furry four-legged friend know that a pet isn’t just for Christmas, and if you’re looking for something meaningful, what better way to pay tribute to your pet than with a tattoo of their paw print that will stay with you forever?

The process of this is very simple. The individual will prepare their pet’s paw and use a non-toxic ink pad to print and transfer onto a piece of paper for the tattoo artist. The tattoo design itself is simple, but these would also look great as a watercolour to add a more vibrant effect.

Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos are very mainstream and have become a more common tattoo trend in the last 10 years. They are fun and subtle and can be hidden in-between your fingers or on top. Finger tattoos can be elegant and symbolic. They can be used as an intimate way to express yourself or as a tribute to someone/something important to you.

People choose finger tattoos for a number of reasons. For a modern twist, a lot of people get them instead of wedding rings. This is because you can’t lose a tattoo and they’re a more permanent representation of a couples’ commitment. Or perhaps it’s your first tattoo and you want to start off small? These tattoos are perfect if you’re spontaneous as they are quick to do, and for such a small space, you could have anything. Another reason why they are so popular is if you’re on a budget, the starting price is around £30-£40.

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