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At Second 2 None Tattoo Studio, we have nearly 30 years’ worth of experience in the industry. Our tattooists offer a high standard of service in Doncaster. We specialise in custom designs, full sleeves, portraits and more.

When it comes to looking for a skilled tattooist in Doncaster, look no further. For more information, get in touch with Second 2 None Tattoo Studio on: 01709 380069.

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We take great care to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for before we put ink to skin. With our experience, we have been able to create a high standard of work and exceed customer expectations. Our tattooists at Second 2 None Tattoo Studio take an incredibly professional approach with our can-do attitude to ensure you are completely satisfied with the final results.

With an incredibly hygienic studio, you can be at ease knowing you are in safe hands and a clean environment. We adhere to all health and safety guidelines and regulations and go to extreme lengths to ensure that your health and wellbeing is guaranteed.

At Second 2 None Tattoo Studio, our team takes a great amount of care to ensure that everything about your tattoo is perfect. With our expertise, we can carry out tattoos of all shapes and sizes, so you can count on us to perfect your tattoo in every way.

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We offer our clients a cover up service if you are unhappy with previous designs on your body.

Our Tattoo Services

Over the years, we have grown a large client base. We boast a wide variety of experience across all themes of body art and tattoos including:

  • Custom Tattoos
  • Cover Ups
  • Portrait Tattoos
  • Religious Tattoos
  • Japanese Tattoos

For more information regarding our tattoo services, please get in touch with our studio or visit our Facebook page.


Cover Ups

Tattoos are permanent, but every now and then, someone will grow to regret their decision. A bad tattoo can be a horrible reminder every time you get undressed, and really impact your confidence. At Second 2 None Tattoos, we can provide you with the best solution – a cover up!

We can carry out a complete cover up or reinvent the design you already have. When we design a tattoo cover up, we take the old tattoo into consideration. As you already have existing ink in the dermis (the layer below the skin you see), the pigment in the new ink combines with the old colour rather than going over it. This is why we use stronger/darker coloured inks to dominate the existing ink. When we design your cover up, we use a strategy to maximises the use of colours and placement of the new tattoo to cover the old one.

At Second 2 None Tattoo Studio, our highly skilled tattooists specialise in cover ups. We have a lot of experience in this technique and can get you in for a consultation to see what we are working with first. In the consultation, we will go through your options of design and colours and take it from there.

To enquire about tattoo cover ups, get in touch with our studio today.

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To make an enquiry about our tattoo services in Doncaster, get in touch with Second 2 None Tattoo Studio. We understand how vital it is to get your tattoo right the first time, at the highest of standards. Call Second 2 None Tattoo Studio on: 01709 380069.

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You can call us on 01709 380069 to enquire about your tattoo requests and to talk about our competitive pricing. You can also visit our contact form and we will be back in touch as soon as we can.