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What Aftercare Does A New Tattoo Need?

Whether it is your first time or just the latest tattoo, proper aftercare is essential to avoid potential scars and infections. Regardless of how large or small the tattoo is, it is important to treat it correctly so your skin remains in perfect condition!

Second 2 None Tattoos create unique tattoo designs, working with you closely to create the perfect art for your body. We will always advise you regarding the best aftercare for all tattoos.

Arm with tattoo of lady smoking and a red Japenese Dragon.

Listen To Your Tattooist

The best advice on what to do with your tattoo will usually come from your tattooist. Whenever you have a new tattoo, you should always ask what the best option is in the aftercare process. This should ensure your skin stays in great condition so no issues occur such as infections, scars, rashes or ingrown hairs.

Different artist have different ideas on what is best to do with your tattoo. Although some methods may be better than others, the safest option can be to listen to your tattooist.

Wash Your Tattoo

You don’t want to wash your tattoo straight away, however, once you have taken the covering off after a few hours, it is important to wash your tattoo with soap. This will help keep the tattoo and your skin clear.

After the initial clean, you should continue to clean the tattoo but avoid soaking it all the time, such as in the bath, as the tattoo should also be kept dry. To make sure this remains clean, put clingfilm or medical tape around it when clothes are likely to rub.

Hand with Japanese dragon and the word luck tattooed.

Use Cream & Gel

In addition to washing, cleaning and keeping your tattoo dry, specialist cream and gel will help keep your skin soft and prevent the tattoo from causing any issues. By applying a thin layer of cream, this should prevent any rashes from appearing on the skin.

This can then be left to the open air or covered in clingfilm. We will always recommend the best creams to use and whether to cover the tattoo up or not. This is all part of the cleaning process and should be completed multiple times every day to maintain the condition of your skin and tattoo.

Don’t Scratch!

During the tattoo healing process, it is important you remain patient. Whilst scabs and flakiness can appear occasionally, this should not be an issue once the tattoo is fully healed. If this does happen, you must avoid picking and scratching the area. This could potentially damage the tattoo and lead to fading in certain patches.

It is very rare that tattoos become infected so even if you do think there is a problem, it is likely the problem will minimise between a few days and a few weeks. If the problem persists, then you should seek medical advice or speak to your tattoo artist, however, this is very unlikely as the skin and tattoo should return to normal quickly.

Go Back For Touch Ups

Whether you decide to have touch-ups to add more detail to the tattoo or parts of the tattoo have faded, going back for touch-ups can always be beneficial. If you are looking at having larger tattoos completed or tattoos with fantastic detail, doing this in stages could be easier.

This will make sure no areas of the ink begin to fade as, during the touch-ups, the tattoo can be added to so there are no spaces. This may also mean the ink being added each time covers less space and should not cause any problems, being easier to maintain during aftercare.

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